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बुधवार, दिसंबर 13, 2017

Indian team scored 335 runs in 44 overs

In the second ODI between India and Sri Lanka, the Indian team scored 335 runs in 44 overs losing 02 wickets. Rohit Sharma (160runs) and Shreyas Iyer (83 not out) are playing with the score of ........ Shikhar Dhawan, playing at 68 runs, tried to hit a fast shot, stabbed Thirimanne on the ball of Petrina and the first blow to India ...... In this match being played on the field of Mohali, Sri Lanka's look is on winning the series. The visiting team defeated the Indian team in Dharamshala. Because of this, the Sri Lankans are currently ahead of the series in the current series and now Sri Lanka's view is to make a 2-0 lead unbeaten in the series of three ODI matches, winning in Mohali.

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