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मंगलवार, दिसंबर 05, 2017

Gujarat election----BJP or Congress?

Gujarat elections are coming closer, just like there is talk of only one thing between voters and leaders ;, BJP, Congress or Congress? Who will be the winner of this year's biggest political war, will be decided on December 18? On the one hand, if the BJP's voters are talking about the BJP's victory, on the other hand, Congress people claim Congress victory! But in the Gujarat elections, who will form the government, this will tell the survey among the people. Who will be the head of Taj and who will be formed by the government, it will only tell the time,
Whereas BJP looks strong on the one hand, in the UP elections, the Congress on the other hand is desperately needed to support the straw because if Congress went to Gujarat, Congress would go. The whole country is looking at Gujarat, which is considered as the stronghold of PM Modi - When Opinion was made between the people, the most powerful unit of democracy, a surprising reality came to light that this time in Gujarat, In fact, in the survey so far, BJP can make a slight increase in the government, on one hand, while the business class of Gujarat is not happy with GST, on the other hand there is no special loss to the business class by the ban on bondage. Is not. Hardik Patel, who kept pace with the Patel community, shook the BJP's vote-backing equation. The entire Gujarat was divided into three areas, an electoral survey ---- North, Central and Southern.
There are 53 assembly constituencies in North Gujarat; In the rural areas, the Congress is getting an advantage; the same increase in the BJP in urban areas. If combined with both the areas, then BJP is getting a shock from this area.
There are 40 assembly constituencies in central Gujarat, here too, the Congress is getting an edge in the rural areas. In the same urban area, the BJP has increased. If there is a combination of both the areas, then there is a collision between the BJP and the Congress in the thorns. Even in southern Gujarat, this is the situation, there is a collision between the BJP and the Congress.
Together with all the four regions of Gujarat, survey is done, BJP and Congress get 43 percent votes ;,,,,,
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