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सोमवार, नवंबर 27, 2017

Sensex, which had a 45-point gain

On Monday, the Indian stock market closed with a modest gain. The Sensex, which had a 45-point gain, rose by 45 points and the Nifty gained 10 points to close at 10399 levels. All except the FMCG and the metal, the index closed in the green mark. Bank (0.44 per cent), Auto (0.37 per cent), Financial Services (0.37 per cent), IT (0.07 per cent), Pharma (0.05 per cent) and Realty (0.87 per cent) gained ... Nifty Turnover is closed in 25 green markings with 25 stocks and 25 declines. The fastest growth is in the shares of NTPC, Axis Bank, Jail, ONGC and Infratel. At the same time, the fall has happened in the shares of Hind Petro, Infosys, AdaniPorts, Bajaj Finance and Tata Motors ..

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